Ficino School Letter, Week 3, Term 4, 2018

The term mindfulness came into vogue a few years ago, and has had a resurgence recently.  We are especially hearing about Mindfulness in schools, which has been implemented more fully in Australia over the last few years.  The fact that the term hasn’t gone away like other fashionable health and lifestyle ideas suggests that there are real benefits to its practice.  We do live in a fast-paced world and the ability to simply come to rest and pause as we do at school is a real blessing; otherwise it is very easy for life to become one long jumble.  We can think of the Pause as like putting a full stop in a sentence.

Mindfulness isn’t just about the Pause; it is also important how we carry out our daily activities, and at school the students are encouraged and reminded to rest their attention on where it needs to be; that is usually simply whatever is in front of them.  It is a beautiful expression to ‘rest the attention’.  Often we hear the word focus used in place of the power of attention and it can give the impression of intensity.  ‘Resting the attention’ carries no such charge.  It does take some practice to rest the attention but not too much and it’s well worth the effort.  We see the benefits on a daily basis in the achievements of our students.
Peter Crompton



Good Works Assembly; Classes 1, 3, 5, 7 – Friday 9 November

Ficino School Tour – Friday 9 November
Please pass on the date and website to any friends, colleagues, neighbours or family that might be interested in hearing more about Ficino School from Mr Crompton and seeing students during class time.

Year 5 & 6 Camp – Wednesday 28 – Friday 30 November
Parents have received an online permission form which must be completed by Friday 9 November



Road Resurfacing – 5 – 18 November
Auckland Transport (AT) will be resurfacing the following roads around Ficino School – Esplanade Road; Valley Road; Sherbourne Road; Lovelock Ave.
Temporary traffic management will be in place during this time, and may disrupt school drop-offs and pick-ups.  Please drive with extra care around the school during this time.

Last Samosa Fundraiser for 2018!
Make sure you get your order forms in for some scrumptious samosas!  Forms must be back at the School Office by Wednesday 21 November.  Orders will be available for pick up on Friday 30 November.

Join us for Festive Fun – Sunday 2 December
Share some Christmas joy at Ficino School!  You’ll be able to pre-order your Christmas tree shortly – keep an eye out for the notice that’s coming next week.  This fun event will allow you to pick up your pre-ordered tree as well as enjoy our tea room, bbq, sweet treats, Craft & Eco stalls and Christmas lego display and games!

Uniform Shop Hours
The School Uniform Shop is open before and after school every Wednesday.  Please come to reception in the Villa where we will be able to assist you further.