Ficino School Letter Week 3, Term 4, 2016

The theme for Philosophy discussions for the beginning of this term is Unity.  It is always uplifting to hear from discussions held in the classrooms snippets such as “If you get Unity, you can have peace where there was anarchy” or phrases such as “the same but different”, “no one left out” and words such as trust, strength, respect and community.  There is a wealth of avenues to explore through these initial ideas from the children.  Classes have explored how large their “unit” could be – just the individual, the family or right up to the whole of humanity leading to such notions as being unified in sponsorship of a needy child.

Most of the reasons for having a school uniform relate to unity – belonging to a community, showing respect and pride in that community, and taking away the bother caused through dress appearance, enabling students’ qualities to be revealed more when all are dressed alike – “the same but different”. Because of the unified look it was a challenge to identify all the students by name in the whole school photograph available for purchase.  The free expression version is a delight to explore. Looking through the Renaissance Trip photos, the students all in their blue convey a great sense of unity, unified in their happiness and appreciation – “being one, acting as one” – another quote from classroom discussions.

In Good Works Assembly this morning, Year 4 showed their delightful papier mache pigs and we heard about the influence of Greek ideas and values on our society today, together with a description of some of Euclid’s algorithms.  A group from Year 5 recited “The Scarecrow” by Walter de la Mare and a very full “autobiography” of Jean Batten was shared.  Year 6 showed their rich koru art and the story “Little Red Riding Hood”– the actual true account – was told through the person of the wolf.  Three accounts, the same theme but all entertainingly different.

We welcome Mr Crompton and Year 7 and 8 teachers and pupils back at school next week.  We have heard a few accounts of the trip – all enriched and uplifted from the experience.  Do come to the Assemblies later in the term which are set aside for the personal accounts from these children, sharing an aspect of the trip which touched them particularly and which they have researched further.

Margaret Brickland
Acting Principal




Whole School and Teams Photos

These are on display at the office.  To order a photo, please collect the appropriate PhotoLife envelope from the office.  Orders, enclosing payment to PhotoLife, should be returned to the School office by Monday 31st October 2016.  Thank you.

Renaissance Trip

The students in Year 7 and 8 have returned safely after enjoying a remarkable overseas trip. They will present projects based on their experiences during the trip at the Friday assemblies on 11th, 18th and 25th November and 2nd December.  These are very inspiring presentations for both children and adults.

Auckland Marathon – Sunday 30/10

Good luck to all the Auckland Marathon runners on Sunday!

Ficino School Library- Book Donations

Thank you very much for your support with book donations for the school library. All the new books have now been donated.  Mr McKay set up a display of the new books purchased by parents, grandparents and friends at assembly this morning and explained to the children that they would be available in the library soon.  The children were able to view the new collection on their way out to class.  Thank you all again.