Ficino School Letter Week 3, Term 2, 2017

One of the most important areas of development in a human being is their ability to speak.  In bringing up young children, the process of learning language is both mysterious and wonderful to observe.  Communication is at the heart of our education system and its importance is highlighted by it being one of the key features employers are looking for in the workforce.

At the parents lunch this afternoon, there was a conversation about this morning’s assembly.  Parents were expressing their delight at how the children stand up on the stage and present things to the rest of the school and their parents.  There are many opportunities to do this in their time at Ficino, especially in their drama lessons.  Not many schools in the country would have a specific lesson set aside for drama every week from Year One right through.  The subject builds confidence, teamwork and most importantly the ability to speak well in public.  There are three plays coming up this year; Class Two will perform the Spirit Play in a couple of weeks. Class Four the Odyssey at the end of this term and Shakespeare’s The Tempest will be the highlight for Year Seven and Eight at the end of Term Three.

Returning to the assembly this morning, we had Class One reciting a poem about leaves, Class Three delivering the knights code from The Prologue of the Canterbury Tales.  Two Year Six students presented powerful and emotive speeches from the debates around the time of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, and finally a wonderfully descriptive composition was read out by a Year Seven student. Every presentation involved speech and they all moved the audience in unique and special ways. Speech will always be central to the education here and as parents you will find words to learn coming home over the next few weeks, in preparation for the annual Speech Competition.

Peter Crompton


School Tour- Friday 26th May – 9.15am

If you know anyone who would be interested in coming to have a look at the school, please pass this on to them, or ask them to phone the office for further details and to register.  Thank you.

Class Two Spirit Play – Thursday 1st June – 11am

The gods grew very boastful about winning a great victory and were having a feast to celebrate.  A mysterious person entered the festivities and they sent Fire and Wind to find out who he was.  They could not discover who he was. In the end Wisdom showed them that it is only through Spirit that they could do anything.
All parents and friends are welcome to come along and enjoy the Spirit Play.

Teacher Only Day – Friday 2nd June

As advised in your class teacher’s welcome letter, Friday 2nd June is a teacher only day and Monday 5th June is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.