Ficino School Letter Week 3, Term 2, 2016

This week in our staff meeting, we heard part of a speech by Laura Hyde, who is the Director of Education at our sister schools, St James in London. She was reflecting on what defines a truly great man or woman? and the response was “firstly in the universal scope of his vision for the welfare of humanity, and secondly that his actions proceed from that vision informed by wisdom, knowledge, strength and love.” This formed part of a lecture that Laura Hyde gave at the commemoration of forty years since St James School’s foundation. Ficino School was founded on the same principles and it is good to acknowledge the fountainhead from which the School had its beginnings. Primary education has the opportunity to lay the foundations of a universal vision and this starts by being exposed to the best of what our civilisation has to offer and connecting with the knowledge inherent in our great wisdom traditions. As part of our Scripture syllabus we teach the children the Ten Commandments from the King James Version of the Bible. The language of these can seem somewhat at odds with the secular society in which we live, and one might easily question the relevance of the ‘Thou Shalt not ….’ approach in a society where almost anything is permissible. However, these formed the foundation of western civilisation; they are part of the wellspring upon which our laws, economic principles and constitution are based. They are an integral part of developing a ‘universal vision for the welfare of humanity’


Traffic Safety in the School Grounds

It has been noticed that some cars have been speeding through the school grounds, particularly at morning drop-off. The safety for children and adults is of paramount importance and we ask you to please adhere to the 5 kph speed limit at all times.  Mr Soughtton will be on duty in the mornings next week to help to remind parents to slow down.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Teacher Only Day – Friday 3 June

As indicated on the website school calendar, Friday 3rd June is a holiday for the children and a teacher only day for staff.  This will mean a four day break, including the Queen’s Birthday holiday on Monday 6th June.

School Tour – Friday 27th May – 9.15am

Our next School Tour is on Friday 27th May at 9.15 am.  If you know anyone who may be interested, please ask them to phone the school office to book a place.  Thank you.