Ficino School Letter, Week 3, Term 1, 2019

The quotation above is very relevant to our Assembly discussion this morning.  We were looking at our third School Value, Respect All. Respect is an interesting word and we broke it down into its two constituent parts ‘re’ and ‘spect’.  The second part comes from the Latin word ‘spectere’ which essentially means to look. From this root we get words like spectacular, spectacles and circumspect; all to do with looking or seeing.  The prefix ‘re’ means to do again, so when you put the two together we get the definition ‘to look again’.  This is not how we normally define respect but it is a good way to understand it.  To respect someone is to ‘look again’, to look at them afresh.  When we meet someone, we are presented with a plethora of ideas based on what they look like, how they’re dressed, who they associate with and so on.  Our view is coloured by these.  To show someone respect could be thought of as looking again or looking beyond these first impressions that are presented to the mind.

Respect is natural in a child as they do not hold on to ideas as firmly as we do as adults; but they do need to practise it and be reminded of it.

We hope the weather holds for the School Picnic on Sunday.  The Friends of Ficino have given lots of thought to making it a memorable day for all. Enjoy!

Peter Crompton


School Picnic – Sunday 24 February
We look forward to seeing many of our Preschool and School families at our whole school picnic
The forecast is for 20 degrees with some wind and no rain – perfect conditions for a day at the beach.  Please remember to apply sunscreen as the burn factor is often high on cloudy days.


Parents Evening – Monday 25 February
Mr Crompton and the teachers are looking forward to meeting registered parents at our Parents Evening.


Year 5 & 6 Surf Lifesaving NZ Trip – Thursday 7 March
Run by Surf Lifesaving instructors, this full-day curriculum-based education programme is designed to give our students the life-long skills they need to stay safe at the beach and in the water. Held at Mairangi Bay on the North Shore, a separate notice went out to parents on Wednesday.

Note that the online permission form must be completed by Thursday 28 February at the latest.


Athletics Day – Friday 15 March
The whole school Athletics Day will be taking place at Mt Smart Stadium.  A notice and online permission form has been sent out.




Years 1 – 4 and 5 – 6 Hockey programmes
Registrations for students wishing to take part in the hockey programme are now open.  Run during Terms 2 and 3, a notice was sent home on Monday.
To secure your child’s place, please ensure you complete the online registration form by Friday 1 March.

Please note: With increased numbers of students, we are now hoping to put forward a Year 5/6 team.  The students were very enthusiastic this morning when Helen Clarke, ex New Zealand Goal Keeper and Olympic Bronze medalist, spoke to them and shared her love of the sport.


Samosa Fundraiser
An order form for the first of our ever popular Samosa Drives was sent out this week.  Don’t forget to complete and return your order forms by Wednesday 13 March.  Orders will be available for pick up on Friday 22 March


Ficino After School Care (FASC)
Click HERE to book for FEBRUARY
Click HERE to book for MARCH
Click HERE to book for APRIL

Please note:

There will still be the option to register your child on the day before 1.00pm.  Availability is limited.

We need at last 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel a booking,  If your child is sick or on a school trip, you must cancel the booking online to avoid being charged.  Thank you.