Ficino School Letter Week 3, Term 1, 2017

This, our third week back at School, has been our first full five days.  Routines are important for children and the School has begun to settle back into a good rhythm.

The Parents’ Evening on Monday was well attended, and the teachers reported some excellent sharing of good practice in the Class Meetings.  In the Principal’s address, it was mentioned that as a School, we draw on the teaching and writings of all humanity, as long as they assist in awakening the children to their unlimited capacity as human beings; ‘eternal rays of the divine sun’ to quote Marsilio Ficino.  The following story told in today’s assembly is an example of such writings.  It comes from the ancient Indian epic the Mahabharata.

Drona, the greatest archer in the land is employed to teach the young princes of the story the skill of archery.  One day, after some time in the post, he decides to test their levels of concentration.  First he asks the eldest Yudhishthira to come forward.  He is asked to shoot a bird and as he draws his bow back, Drona says ‘wait’ and asks him what he sees.  Yudhishthira replies, “I see the bird, the branch, the leaves, the tree, the sky” and at that point Drona tells him to step aside as he still has more to learn.  This happens with the next eldest and so on, until Drona calls on Arjuna and gives him the same instruction, to shoot at the bird.  Arjuna draws back his bow and Drona again says “wait, what do you see?”  Arjuna answers “the bird”.  Drona asks “Do you not see anything else?”, to which Arjuna answers “I only see the bird”.  Drona congratulates him saying “you have proved yourself the true archer.  For above everything an archer must be undivided in his attention”.

Peter Crompton


School Picnic – Sunday 26 Feb – Long Bay – 10 – 2pm

A notice with further details has been sent home with the children.  We look forward to seeing as many families as possible at the picnic.

Mid-Term Break Holiday – Friday 10th March

A reminder that our Mid-term break holiday is on Friday 10th March.  The dates for upcoming events can be found on the Ficino website calendar at

Ficino Fiesta – Saturday 18th March

With only four weeks until the Fiesta, great plans are afoot.  Please see the latest Fiesta Focus newsletter emailed to parents today. A reminder that next week there will be a box in your child’s classroom to collect items for the lucky dip – last day is next Friday 24th.  Thank you for your support!

Open Morning – Saturday 25th March – 9.30 – noon

A reminder that we are having an Open Morning at school for prospective parents on Saturday 25th March.  A notice about this will be sent home next week, requesting that the children attend this event.

School Team Shirts

There are quite a few shirts that haven’t been returned from last year. Can all shirts please be returned to the school office for redistribution to our hockey teams, unless you are playing Futsal in it this year. Thank you.
Rachel Setters, Head of PE