Ficino School Letter, Week 2, Term 4, 2018

Philosophy lessons are held once a week for all classes at Ficino School, and from Year Four onwards they follow a programme called P4C – Philosophy for Children. In each session, the students sit in a circle and explore philosophical questions together.  Following presentation of a stimulus, they are particularly encouraged to pursue directions of inquiry that interest them as a group.  The process allows a discussion to deepen and gives all the recipients the opportunity to loosen their grip on any fixed views they might have, and expand their horizons to include other possibilities.  A recent discussion with Year 7 & 8 boys revolved around whether animals, a pigeon in this case, have thoughts and whether they are capable of acts of service and sacrifice above and beyond simple instinctive action or that for which they have been trained for based on reward and punishment.  The stimulus for discussion was a story about a war pigeon, who flew 45 missions in World War One, saving many lives.  At the beginning of the discussion there were two definite camps, but by the end, I think we were all more open-minded having been entertained by a variety of points of views.

Learning to think and communicate clearly are vital skills in our world of sound bites and social media.  The art of conversation is sadly diminishing and anything that can be done at home to encourage it will help your children lead fulfilling and happy lives.
Peter Crompton



Maritime Museum Tour – Wednesday 31 October, 9.15 – 2.30pmYears 3 and 4 student will be visiting the Maritime Museum in an extension to their Maori Studies classes.  Parents have been sent a permission form which needs to be completed by Friday 26 October.

Assembly – Friday 2 November
Parents are invited to attend our Commendations Assembly next Friday, 2 November.

Ficino School Tour – Friday 9 November
Please pass on the date and website to any friends, colleagues, neighbours or family that might be interested in hearing more about Ficino School from Mr Crompton and seeing students during class time.



Uniform Shop Hours
The School Uniform Shop is open before and after school every Wednesday.  Please come to reception in the Villa where we will be able to assist you further.