Ficino School Letter Week 2, Term 4, 2017

In the quotation from Aldous Huxley transcribed below, he suggests that the most important aspect of any education is to develop the ability to do what is necessary irrespective of what you think or feel about it.  To place this much importance on mental discipline is not the common way of thinking today.  There is a tendency in this day and age to place a strong emphasis on what we like or don’t like, and whether we feel like doing something or not.  The problem with likes and dislikes, thoughts and feelings, is that they are constantly changing; what is necessary to do has more permanence, and it is a responsibility of education to train the mind not to be drawn away from the task in front of us by likes or dislikes, otherwise there is no chance for the power of attention to develop.

Craig Hassed in his book Mindful Learning describes three important aspects to the development of attention.  First we need to know where our attention is at any moment; this might sound facile but often we are unaware of where our mind has drifted to.  Secondly we need to be able to direct our attention to where it needs to be and finally we need to learn to keep it there so the task can be completed.  All three require discipline of mind and without developing these skills at primary school, it is very difficult to build them later in life.  I think this is why Aldous Huxley places so much value in education on learning to make yourself do the right thing at the right time without allowing yourself to be distracted.

Peter Crompton


Sports Teams, Music, Yr 8 Graduates, Prefects, Whole School

Please return your photo orders by Monday 30th October.  Thank you.

Summer Uniform – Sandals worn from next week

All children need to wear their summer sandals by next week please. The children should also wear their sun hats from now on at morning and lunch play.

Yummy Stickers

Thank you for an amazing effort in collecting yummy stickers from fruit, which converts into sports equipment for the School.  This year the total value of $835 was raised.  Thank you to all the collectors and especially to Cade and his family for contributing the bulk of the stickers and to Carrene for coordinating this fundraiser.