Ficino School Letter, Week 2, Term 3, 2018

It is always delightful to catch up with students who have graduated from Ficino School and this week I met two of them. Their pleasure at being back at Ficino was obvious, and their ability to converse freely and intelligently about what they are doing reinforced the excellent work that is underway here. Both were engaged in acceleration programmes at secondary school and were enthusiastic to talk about what they were studying. The development of a love of learning is a cruicial part of any primary school education. One of the great strengths is our Philosophy programme, where in the middle and older years, we follow a method called P4C which stands for Philosophy for Children. Philosophy is defined as the love of wisdom and wisdom is related to knowledge and experience. In the Philosophy lessons, the students learn to air their views and have them challenged respectfully. They learn to listen and let a conversation deepen so knowledge of a higher order (wisdom) can emerge from the group dynamics and attention. This is a remarkable thing to be part of and observe, and our teachers are constantly enriched by seeing the depths children can reach in the right environment. Being able to think clearly, express oneself successfully and be open to feedback are essential skills in the modern day workplace.
Peter Crompton


Good Works Assembly
Parents are welcome to attend the Good Works Assembly on Friday 17 August.  Children from Years 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be recognised for the good work they have been involved in.  Assembly starts at 8.30am.

Renaissance trip sleepover
The first of our Renaissance trip sleepovers takes place next Friday night (17 August) at the School of Phlosophy’s house in Glendowie.  It is not long until our Year 7 and 8 children, teachers and parents depart on their special tour of the UK and Italy to enjoy the best of the Renaissance period.

Parent/Teacher Interviews
A reminder that Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on Monday 13 August.

Note that School will finish at the following times:

Years 1, 2 and 3 to be picked up at 12.35pm
Years 4-8 to be picked up at 12.45pm.
There will be NO After School Care available on this day.


Guitar lessons
Lessons are available for students Year 5 and above.  If any students are interested in receiving guitar lessons, they can pick up an application form from the office.

Upcoming events
We have a number of events coming up in the next few weeks that require parental permission.  Please ensure you respond to the emails you will be receiving from the office:

– Tue 21 August     Remuera Zone Field Day Yrs 5 & 6
– Wed 22 August    Cross Country
– Fri 24 August        PhotoLife photos

Ficino After School Care (FASC)
We have moved to a more parent-friendly online booking system for Ficino After School Care (FASC).  Note there is no FASC on Monday 13 August.

Bookings will be available on a monthly basis; you will be able to easily book and cancel online.  You will receive an email confirming the dates you have booked and you will be able to save them to your calendar.  We will transition to the new system during August and from September all bookings for FASC will have to be done on-line.

The following are the links you will require for this term:

Click HERE to book for AUGUST
Click HERE to book for SEPTEMBER

Follow the step by step online booking instructions.

In order for us to plan our staffing levels ahead of time we will need 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, otherwise you will be charged for their attendance.

There will still be the option to register your child on the day, providing there is enough space, this needs to be done before 1.00pm. Please note, availability is limited.

If your child is sick or on a school trip and they are booked in to after school care, please go online and cancel your booking to avoid being charged.

Website Calendar
Please note the School Calendar of Events can be found on the website.