Ficino School Letter Week 2, Term 2, 2017

This morning we had a delightful Dance Assembly with performances from Year One, Two and Seven and Eight.  Class One performed a poi dance which they had begun to learn on their marae visit last term. The actions were quite complex but their discipline on the stage was excellent, and their concentration outstanding.  Class Two performed a beautiful rendition of a poem from one of the ancient Indian scriptures, the Chandogya Upanishad, called ‘In this body, in this town of Spirit’.  Their voices were clear and their actions attentive.  It was a powerful piece reminding us of the expansiveness of the human heart. Year 7 & 8 Girls exquisitely presented and demonstrated great confidence in their movements.  They started from a poignant stillness and performed with fluidity and poise.

Dance is an area of the curriculum that nourishes all aspects of a child’s being; the physical, the intellect, the emotions and the spirit within.  There is a beautiful saying from an ancient eastern scripture which forms the basis of our dance programme.

‘Where the Hand goes, the Eye follows
Where the Eye goes, the Mind follows
Where the Mind goes, the Heart follows
Where the Heart is, there I am’

This beautifully describes the centredness and presence that can be experienced through dance attentively performed.

It was suggested in the Herald this morning that Dance helps ward off dementia.  Along with complexities of movements, and hand eye coordination, benefits must also accrue from the whole-heartedness of the activity.

Peter Crompton



Class 2, 3 & New Parents Lunch – Friday 19th May – 12.30pm

A finger food lunch for all parents in Classes Two, Three and any new parents in the school will be held on Friday 19th May in the school villa, from 12.30pm.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to socialise with the Principal, teachers and other parents.  Thank you for your replies and if you would still like to come, please reply by Monday 15th May. Thank you.

School Tour- Friday 26th May – 9.15am

If you know anyone who would be interested in coming to have a look at the school, please pass this on to them, or ask them to phone the office for further details and to register.  Thank you.

Teacher Only Day – Friday 2nd June

As advised in your class teacher’s welcome letter, Friday 2nd June is a teacher only day and Monday 5th June is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

Ficino Alumni Reunion to Celebrate 20 Years – Friday 9th June

On 9th June, Ficino School will celebrate 20 years of operation with an evening event for past students, past parents and staff.  We will also hold a special assembly in the morning, and an extended lunch with a celebratory cake for current students.

Afternoon Pickup

Please be reminded that Year 1, 2 and 3 students can be collected from 2.55pm.  If you are collecting a Year 4 – 8 student, please do not join the traffic queue before 3.05pm.  Thank you.