Ficino School Letter Week 2, Term 2, 2016

Years Five to Eight were exposed to the ancient art of story-telling. Derek Gordon has been visiting schools both nationally and internationally for over thirty years. His only props were a harp and two staffs made by his father. He used voice and gesture to create the world of Beowulf for the students. They sat spellbound for 90 minutes, as he weaved his tale. Afterwards his simple comment before heading off to his next appointment was ‘this is a very special school. I can see it has an excellent philosophy’. He said the listening skill of the students was outstanding.

Prior to delivering his session, Derek was treated to a soliloquy from Hamlet by one of our senior students. This touched his heart as he remembered playing Hamlet himself at the age of 17. Had Derek been in the hall at the same time the day before, he would have heard an extract from the Odyssey when Odysseus is about to arrive back in his beloved homeland Ithaca. We discussed the huge importance these epic literary stories have in education. Homer, Shakespeare and the Beowulf Poet all provide a kind of psychological map for our journey through life. It is great to see that a man like Derek Gordon can continue to make a living sharing the insights these stories contain with young audiences.

Peter Crompton


Garden Club – Vegetable Gardener Volunteer Needed

As indicated in the email sent to parents this week from Mrs Brickland, an experienced vegetable gardener volunteer is needed so that we can continue to run our after school Garden Club.  Two of our teachers will also be assisting. If you are able to help, please email the office, or Mrs Brickland.   Please note that the Garden Club will not be meeting until we find someone to help.

Class 2, 3 and New Parents Lunch – Friday 20 May – 12.30pm

Thank you for your reply slips. We look forward to seeing parents at the lunch next Friday, upstairs in the villa.