Ficino School Letter – Week 2, Term 1

John Keats famous poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn’ finishes with the statement “Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.”  This pithy statement about Beauty and Truth seemed to shine out in two very similar stories that we heard this week in Assembly. They were both about the beauty of sacrifice when one person gives up something they want for themselves to allow another to succeed.

One of the stories was about Albrecht Durer who was one of eighteen children and whose brother Albert sacrificed his own dream of becoming an artist, so his brother could train. As the story goes, Albert worked in the mines to pay for his brother’s apprenticeship and once completed, the two were going to swap roles.  However when Albrecht returned after several years, his brother could no longer draw because his hands had been damaged by working in the mines.  One of Albrecht Durer’s most famous drawings is commonly known as the ‘Praying Hands’.  Albrecht  drew them as a thing of beauty representing the sacrifice Albert had made for his brother.  The other story in a similar vein was about two girls, one of whom became a famous opera singer while the other stayed back to look after their mother; her voice was affected beyond repair by the shouting to sell her wares in the market.

The students in Assembly were quick to recognise the various levels of beauty in the stories; the beautiful singing and drawing for example. As we delved further, the beauty of the sacrifice was noted, and on an even more subtle level, we realised how much the beauty is enhanced when the one who misses out is genuinely able to give up mourning their loss and celebrate the achievements of the other.  This is beauty indeed.


Upcoming Events

Class 1 & New Parents Parents Lunch – Wednesday 21 February – 12.30pm

A finger food lunch for all parents of children in Class 1 and any new parents in the school, will be held on Wednesday 21 February in the school villa from 12.30pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity to socialise with the Principal and other parents. A notice has been sent home with the children.

School Picnic – Sunday 25 February – Long Bay – 10 – 2pm

A notice will be sent home with the children today or on Monday. In the meantime, please mark this date on your calendar.

Parents Meeting – Monday 26 February – 6pm – 7.30 pm – School Hall

The Parents Meeting takes place on Monday 26 February at 6pm in the School Hall. Drinks and finger food will be served from 5.30pm. The main purpose of this evening is to provide an opportunity for you to hear what is in store for the year ahead from the class teacher. The evening will begin with an address by the Principal. A notice regarding the meeting will be sent home with the children today or on Monday.


Sports Notices

Please keep an eye out for an Athletics Day notice and a Hockey notice. Please fill these in and bring these back to school so I can get an idea of the teams and who is able to help for Athletics Day.

Safety walking on the School driveways

It is particularly important at drop-off and dismissal that student movements on the School driveways are minimised.  Please be aware of the following rules:

1. Students must not walk down the narrow driveway between the villa and the tennis courts.  If you are parked at the back of the villa, please go through the building.

2. The narrow driveway from View Road should not be used for access in the morning before school or during afternoon dismissal.

3. Similarly the main front driveway should have minimal pedestrian movement. If you or your children are entering or leaving the site from Esplanade Road, please use the concrete walkway between the driveway and Preschool.  The street gate is unlocked early in the morning.