Ficino School Letter, Week 10, Term 1, 2019

In this final week of the term we had three magnificent assemblies.  On Wednesday, we welcomed guest speaker Nuptul Rinpoche, who is abbot of a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. Nuptul spoke to the children about his childhood experiences growing up in a monastery from the age of seven.  He spoke about the importance of preserving the love in our hearts.  One Year Three student asked a very thoughtful question “What if at some time you don’t feel love for someone, what can you do to replenish it?”.  Nuptul Rinpoche gave a beautiful answer about how the negative expression of love becomes anger and that the important thing was not to express it to harm others.  He went on to say that, in such circumstances, we need to use our mind and realise that this anger is the problem and not the other person.  We have to deal with it ourselves, and by doing so both we and the person with whom we are angry will benefit and the anger turns back to love.  A beautiful answer to an insightful question.

On Thursday we had our Dance Assembly with Years One, Three, Five and Six performing.  Three of the dances were from the Abhinaya (classical Indian dance) tradition.  Those present would have noticed the emphasis placed on fine attention where the eyes follow the hands.  It is said in this tradition that “where the eye goes the mind follows and where the mind goes the heart follows and where the heart is, love is there”.  After watching the Peace Prayer, the Perfect Prayer and the Swan Dance, there was certainly a palpable feeling of peace and tranquility in the hall.  There was hardly a murmur in the final Pause.

A third Assembly was our Athletics Day Awards Assembly.  This year numerous records were broken, with one dating back to the year 2000.  Winners can be seen in the photo below.

Peter Crompton
Ficino School Principal


Term 2 starts on Tuesday 30 April.  Children must be in their winter uniform for Term Two and Three.


Children must not be sent to school on Monday 29 April as this is a Teachers Only Day.


Yr 7 & 8 Waterwise – Thurs 2 and Fri 3 May
Year 7 & 8 classes will attend their a two-day Waterwise course as part of our outdoor education programme.  The course is run by Youthtown at Orakei Basin, and students are given instruction in sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding.


High Tea – Saturday 4th May
Friends of Ficino’s Sci-Fi themed High Tea “May the Fourth be With You” is fast approaching! Tickets are on sole for the first 3 days of Term Two only – Tuesday 30 April – Thursday 2 May so don’t miss out!


Yr 5 Cue Haven – Tue 7 May
Year Five students will follow up their studies on plants, seeds and germination in Term One with a hands on experience at the CUE Haven visit in the second week of Term Two.  Note that permission forms must be returned by Friday 3 May.