Ficino School Letter Week 1, Term 4, 2017

We spoke in Assembly this morning about how in our lives we play many parts just like a great drama and that each part has relationships with other parts; such as teacher and pupil or parent and child. All we need to remember is that we are playing a part and then the drama runs smoothly, but when we mix-up who we are with our parts, things get into a muddle.  This segwayed nicely into speaking about the events of last evening and the formation of a new government.  Bill English’s advice to Jacinda Ardern exactly reflected this point.  He said she should “take the role very seriously, but not take herself too seriously”.  Jacinda Ardern has a big new part to play in the drama which she has the opportunity to play sincerely and truthfully.  The first words she uttered were about the honour and privilege of the role invested in her and the second were to offer fulsome and uninhibited praise of Bill English’s service to the nation over thirty years.  This would seem a good start.

We also spoke about Diwali which is celebrated this week in the Indian culture.  Diwali is a festival of light and celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, of good over evil, which is represented by Rama’s triumph over the demon Ravana and his return to his home city of Ayodhya and his rightful place as sovereign. It was delightful to hear from many of the children as to how they celebrate Diwali including cleaning the house, lighting candles, the giving of sweets and gifts and Rangoli being drawn on doorsteps.

We wish you all an enjoyable Labour Weekend full of light.

Peter Crompton


 Labour Day Holiday- Monday 23/10

There will be no School on Monday 23rd October as it is the national Labour Day holiday.

Sports Teams, Music, Yr 8 Graduates, Prefects, Whole School

The photo proofs are displayed in the reception area.  Please return your photo orders by Friday 27th October.   The individual, sibling and class photos which were taken last term should be delivered soon.

Summer Uniform – Sandals worn from Week 3 – 30/10

All children need to wear their summer sandals by Week 3 (Monday 30th October) please.  The children should also wear their sun hats from now on at morning and lunch play.

EPRo8 Challenge – Yr 7 & 8 Students

Two teams of our Year 7 & 8 students represented Ficino School at the EPro8 Challenge.  The challenge was born in Wellington in 2015 with events and participation spreading through the North Island this year. The teams were selected after students competed in practice challenges at school.

The EPro8 Challenge is a competition – an engineering and problem-solving race.  Equipped with a workstation comprised of different parts and equipment (and their own brains!) teams compete to finish a series of challenges; the harder the challenge, the more points a team can earn.

It was a gripping event for the Lords (our Year 8 team) – they were in 9th position before swooping in with a gigantic leap to 2nd = in the final minutes of the competition!   The Ariels (our Year 7 team) were in 1st and 2nd place for most of the competition before finishing in a very respectable 5th place.
The Lords (comprised of Pearl Tucker, Dougal Rutherford-Levien, William Wildash and Ella Liang) are eligible to enter the semi-finals in November.  We wish them the all the very best!