Ficino School Letter Week 1, Term 4, 2016

It has been delightful to welcome the children back to School this term, especially meeting their bright smiles when I have greeted many as they arrive at school.  I hope you have all had a refreshing holiday and are set for the very full term ahead, which promises many uplifting activities for the children.

During the holidays, on Wednesday 28th September, the Ficino Preschool officially began with enrolled students.  I hope they are enjoying the beautiful facilities and grounds that have been provided for them.

Our Term began with an awe-inspiring performance from the Kahurangi New Zealand Maori Dance Theatre who, with a troupe of just six performers, stunned us with their powerful and harmonious singing, their dance, their costumes and their dramatic story telling of some familiar and some unfamiliar Maori Legends.  All the children saw the one-hour performance and then Years 4, 5 and 6 had three workshops with the performers, experiencing the handling of poi, rakau (sticks) and other skills requiring a high degree of attention.

This week has been ‘Get Ready Week’ for Civil Defence, and their 2016 theme of ‘Prepared Kids’ was explored this morning in Assembly to raise the awareness of the children and to help develop their knowledge and skills to prepare for emergencies such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hazardous weather events and the like.  On your next visit to an exposed beach you might find your child asking to look at the tsunami information board.

The Year 7 and 8 classes are enjoying an excellent tour in Europe and I hope those families who are interested have managed to register on the blog ( to follow their adventures.  I quote from an email sent to me from Peter Crompton:-

“Our visit to Westminster Abbey was a perfect reminder of what the Renaissance Trip offers our students.  One of the vergers found out that we were from New Zealand and came especially to move the altar to show us the tomb of Ernest Rutherford, the only New Zealander buried in Westminster Abbey. While we stood in the sacred space at the crossing and looked up at the exquisite rose windows, one of the students commented that the design reminded her of God being at the centre of all things with his influence radiating out to the whole world.  She further developed this to suggest that the white light of the sun creating all the beautiful colours in the window also reminded her of the oneness of God displayed through the great variety of the creation.  We then had a short, moving, private service around the tomb of St Edward the Confessor.  An unbelievable morning!”

During Assemblies I will share with the children some pictures from the tour.  The students were delighted this morning to see the photos from the St James Schools in London and also the British Museum, the picture drawing the most delight was the photo of the girls eating lollypops!

Margaret Brickland
Acting Principal



Labour Day

Just a reminder that there will be no school on Monday 24th October, Labour Day.


For this term all children need to be wearing hats outside.  While the weather is cooler, students may wear winter shoes and socks (short white socks for girls), and sandals are worn without socks.  If it is cold in the morning, students should wear their blazers to school rather than cardigans/jumpers.

Trip to Auckland Museum

New Entrant and Year 1 students are looking forward to their Tala Pasifika Trip to the Auckland Museum on 28th October.

Year 4-6 Good Works Assembly

This will take place on Friday 28th October and parents are most welcome to attend.

Renaissance Trip

As mentioned above, our students in Year 7 and 8 are enjoying a remarkable overseas trip at present. When they return they will present projects, based on their experiences during the trip, at the Friday assemblies on 11th, 18th and 25th November and 2nd December.  These are very inspiring presentations for both children and adults.

Auckland Marathon – Sunday 30/10

Students aged 7 years and older can compete in the Auckland Marathon on Sunday 30th October, by running this in stages.  A notice went home with the children last term with details.

Ficino School Library- Book Donations

Thank you very much for your support with book donations for the school library.  There are still 12 books we would like to purchase for your children, so if you are interested, you can come and choose from the book list which is at reception.  Thank you.

Yummy Stickers

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this – we raised $360 to be spent on sports equipment.