Ficino School Letter Week 1, Term 1, 2017

It is always a pleasure to see the students returning to school after the long summer break.  Their joy at meeting their friends and teachers again is obvious, and the sounds of learning, speech and song have filled the premises.

In our assembly this morning, we heard the story of ‘King Midas and the Golden Touch’ which some of the children started to recognise as the plot unfolded.  This classic from Ancient Greece tells the story of a king who has plenty, but when given a wish decides he want everything he touches to turn to gold.  His desire for something he does not need turns into a curse as his clothes, his food and everything becomes solid around him.  He realises the foolishness of his avarice and pleads with the god Dionyssus to release him from his curse, which comes about by Midas jumping into the River Pactolus.  the story’s theme is about being careful what we wish for.  In one of the ancient texts from the East comes The statement ‘The Good is one thing, the pleasant another’.  This of course does not mean we cannot enjoy the pleasures of life but as depicted in the story – the outcome of pleasurable pursuits can be sometimes good and sometimes bad whereas the outcome of seeking what’s good is always the Good.

Peter Crompton


Class One & New Parents Lunch – Wednesday 8 Feb – 12.30pm

A finger food lunch for all parents of children in Class One and any new parents in the school, will be held on Wednesday 8th February upstairs in the school villa from 12.30pm.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to socialise with the Principal and other parents.  Thank you for your replies and we look forward to seeing parents on Wednesday.

Parents Evening – Monday 13 Feb – 6pm – 7.30pm

The Parents Evening takes place on Monday 13th February at 6pm in the school hall.  Drinks and finger food will be served from 5.30pm.  The main purpose of the evening is to provide an opportunity for you to hear what is in stall for the year ahead with the class teacher.  The evening will begin with an address by the Principal.  A notice regarding the meeting has been sent home today.  Please return attendance slips by Wednesday next week.  Thank you.

School Picnic – Sunday 26 Feb – Long Bay – 10 – 2pm

A notice with further details will be sent home with the children next week.  Meantime, please mark this date on your calendar.

School Assemblies on Fridays

Parents are warmly invited to come to the school assemblies on Fridays in the school hall.