Ficino School – Foundations for Life

Ficino School provides a philosophically inspired private school education for boys and girls from Preschool to Year 8.

Children who come to Ficino develop confidence, a love of learning and a strong sense of self, while growing their innate ability to care for others. 

Our programme is based on three key platforms.

Academic excellence

Our unique curriculum incorporates aspects of the Cambridge Primary Programme and New Zealand’s National Curriculum, as well as specialist programmes.  We focus on the fundamentals to provide a strong foundation for learning – understanding punctuation and grammar, learning times tables by heart, and practising good handwriting to develop fine motor skills.  As the children grow, their natural passion for enquiry is ignited through deep exploration of the subject matter.


Children’s horizons are expanded through the rich material found in our global traditions.  They study great men and women in our History, Myth and Culture programme, read and enact Shakespeare plays, enjoy inspiring classical music, and learn from the best and brightest cultures and civilisations around the world. 


Great weight is placed on the need for inner quiet and contentment; at the beginning and end of each activity, children briefly close their eyes, and come to rest.  They listen to the sounds around them and pay attention to their senses.  

They are encouraged to develop this power of attention by truly focussing on the task at hand – pen to paper, hand to instrument, listening to the person in front of them.  This greatly improves the way children learn, and their efficiency while working.

Courtesy, respect, and good manners are part of everyday life at Ficino.

By fostering a love of learning, teaching the ability to be calm and centred and encouraging respect for all, Ficino School helps our students to build strong foundations for life.