Ficino Preschool’s Christmas visitor

Ficino Preschool children and staff welcomed a colourful, larger-than-life visitor carrying a red sack in December!  Santa Claus, I hear many of you asking?!  A good guess, however this visitor was a woman… Though she was minus the beard, belly and red suit she did have bucket-loads of jolliness!!

Tanya Batt brought the magic of story-telling to the Preschool students just before Christmas.  The delight and engagement on their faces as they heard her stories was priceless.

Armed with a Santa sack full of goodies that she incorporated into her stories, Tanya sat beside the Preschool Christmas tree and wove an intricate and interactive tale of the creation of earth.  Starting with the emerging of the light, to the arrival of the waters and the collection of some dirt to make the earth, Tanya had the children hanging on her every word.

The supporting roles that many animals played in her story was hilarious.  From the duck that eventually succeeded in collecting some dirt (beating out the dastardly swan) to the appearance of a crocodile and hen, the children loved every minute.

There were also plenty of opportunities for them to participate in the story-telling, from making tick tock noises to count the passing of time to dancing.

This feel-good experience was the perfect warm up for the upcoming festive season!

All too soon, and the author and story-teller departed.  Not on a red sleight however, but on a bright yellow bicycle complete with a wicker basket for transporting all her goodies.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!