Ficino Preschool – Young Minds Matter

When we think of the important journeys that we take in life, there is a growing understanding that these start from the moment we are born and continue throughout our lives.

Parents of young children will have witnessed just how much, and how quickly, they grow, change and learn.  Much research has gone into the impact experiences and activities have on the development of these young minds.

Ficino Preschool in Mt Eden has been open since September 2016. They have always worked on the premise that young minds matter.  Their holistic curriculum looks at the development of the whole child, focussing not only on their intellectual, social and physical needs, but their spiritual needs too. 

A Ficino Preschool education enhances the children’s sense of themselves as competent, capable and confident learners.  The dividends of this approach can be witnessed when we look at the Preschool students who have since successfully transitioned to school where they continue to flourish. An inaugural Alumni Gathering saw one of the ‘old boys’ commenting “I was so happy when I was here”!

“Start as you mean to go on” is a well-known saying that relates to a consistency in one’s manner and behaviour. Ficino Preschool and School see the critical role they play in ensuring that a student’s foundations are solid ones they establish in the early years of their education.  It is important they not only build a love for learning but that they learn to develop life skills such as persistence, inter- and in-dependence, respect, resilience and integrity.  These life skills, once established, continue to serve them throughout their lives.

Ficino Preschool welcomes you to come and see their daily programme in action for yourself