Ficino Preschool – The wonders of nature

Our students have had the opportunity to explore the wonder of nature this year.  In summer 2017, our outdoor space was home to the Ficino Preschool swan plants.  Children were enthralled with the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly, observing them though the egg, to “hungry caterpillar”, to chrysalis stage.  They were lucky enough to observe many chrysalis’ hatching into butterflies.

With its location adjacent to that of Ficino School, Preschool students had the opportunity this winter to share in the Year 2 class project of hatching chicks from fertilized eggs.  Not only did they get to watch some of the physical hatchings, they also learnt much about what the chicks needed pre- and post-hatching.

The student’s green fingers have had the opportunity to grow thanks to their dedicated work with Miss Ashton as they tended a variety of plants from seedlings to beautiful and colourful wall hangings that adorn the outside spaces.

The vegetable gardens are flourishing under their ministering, and they have been enjoying some of the finished produce in their lunches and weekly cooking projects.  Lovely fresh lettuce and herbs have made for some delicious salads and scones.

It has been interesting and educational for the children to learn that many things they encounter in their daily lives do not happen by magic, nor are they sourced from the supermarket!!!