Ficino Preschool welcomes the Road Runner!

The unexpected arrival of a turtle at Ficino Preschool was very timely, both for the turtle itself and for the children!  Road Runner, as she has been aptly named was found outside the preschool on Esplanade Road.

Little did she realise that she’d found a fantastic home for herself when she was slipped through the gates.  Not only had the idea of welcoming a pet into the Ficino Preschool family been front of mind for a while, but Head Teacher Miss Callen is a bit of a turtle expert having raised several in her home over the years.

With an extremely dehydrated and peeling shell, Road Runner had obviously been living rough for a while.  These days she resides comfortably in a wide plastic basin outside, dining on delicacies from the Preschool gardens and entertaining frequent visits from the children.

Her arrival has provided hours of amusement for the children, together with an opportunity for staff to extend the students learning.  The virtue of caring has taken on an added dimension as they ensure that Road Runner has enough food and vegetables, fresh water and activities to keep her challenged should she want a break from swimming or sunning herself on her wooden platform.  The addition of some company in the form of snails seems to be a welcome addition.

Choosing a name for her brought much hilarity and creativity with Myrtle the Turtle, Broccoli and Snappy entered in the competition. Serendipity was also put forward as some of the children were very taken with the turtles they saw on their visit to Animal Farm Park, making our very own turtles arrival a ‘happy chance’.

The children have enjoyed the art-based activities they have participated in since Road Runner’s arrival.  It has been interesting for the children to realise that everyone has a different perspective on what her shell looks like!

Road Runner will be well-looked after over the holiday season, and will no doubt be looking forward to the arrival of new and old friends in the New Year – Ficino Preschool opens again on Monday 15 January 2018.