Ficino Preschool sets up in Mount Eden

Ficino School is delighted to announce the launch of Ficino Preschool, an intimate boutique early childhood centre for children aged between three and five years old.

Currently being constructed in the heart of Mt. Eden, adjacent to its sister school Ficino School (primary and intermediate level), Ficino Preschool is scheduled to open its doors in early Autumn 2016.

“Over the last decade parents have enquired whether there was a preschool whose philosophies aligned with Ficino School, having seen the benefits the primary school brought their older children. We are delighted Ficino Preschool is finally becoming a reality after consultation with school stakeholders and the wider community,” says Ficino School Principal Peter Crompton.

Ficino Preschool Manager Lorna Travis says “Our calm and friendly atmosphere will provide space for children to explore, enquire, experiment and practise new skills at their own pace. Inspired by two simple principles of love and play, Ficino Preschool’s nurturing curriculum balances the spiritual, social, emotional, physical and academic needs of each child.”

“Ficino Preschool offers a non-denominational spiritual foundation for your child. We welcome children of all cultures, faiths and religions. Put simply, we teach the children to recognise what is good, true and unifying in themselves and others, regardless of culture or nationality. Treating all others with care, respect and courtesy will be part of everyday life at Ficino Preschool.”

Further information about Ficino Preschool can be found here.