Ficino Preschool ‘Ages and Stages’

Children go through noticeable periods of development as they grow – “Ages and Stages” is a term used to describe these developmental events.  Thinking is divided on how many stages we all go through as we grow from babies to young adults, but there is a shared understanding that there is significant development happening across several different areas.  These areas include physical, social-emotional, language and intellectual skills.

Ficino Preschool is an intimate, boutique early childhood centre in Mt Eden that focuses on balancing the mind, body, and spirit of a child as it works with families to encourage development of a child’s self-belief and confidence.  The Preschool programme works to nurture and develop the social, intellectual, and physical life skills your child will use to thrive and take their next steps to school and beyond.

Ficino Preschool has recently upgraded its enrolment systems in recognition of the fact that a child’s readiness for preschool is much better aligned to their ‘stage’ rather than their chronological age.  Subsequently, Ficino Preschool is now formally welcoming applications from children below three years of age. 

Preschool Head Teacher Irene Callen notes that some children are more than ready for Preschool before the age of three.

“We have often observed how likely children are to model behaviour they see – how often does a younger child strive to do everything their older sibling does? We see this at Preschool with our younger students aspiring to, and modelling behaviour, they see our more senior students demonstrating.”

Ficino Preschool’s licence allows them to cater for children two years and older.  Unlike many ECE’s whose fees are higher for children aged under 3, Ficino Preschool’s fees will be the same regardless of your child’s age.

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