Ficino School has a unique curriculum designed to nourish the mind, body and spirit. It incorporates aspects of the Cambridge Primary Programme (for English, Mathematics and Science in particular) and the New Zealand Curriculum, as well as specialist programmes from our sister schools around the world.

In the junior school, (Years 1-4) our curriculum reflects the obvious and natural needs of the young child. To develop the whole child, the students sing fine music, meet great literature, practise mental agility in mathematics, learn about great men and women in history, discover the awe and wonder in science and learn to read, speak and write with sincerity and efficiency. We endeavour to present this good material in a simple, attractive and systematic way. This means the teacher leads the class’ learning while being alert to the interests, needs and capacities of the individuals.

In the second stage of education, from ages 9 to 12, children usually become much more aware of how others in the world think and relate to one another. This widening of interest is acknowledged in our curriculum with changes in both content and style of learning and enquiry. The Senior classes (Years 7-8) are increasingly taught by subject specialists and develop an enthusiasm for learning and a thirst for knowledge, which provides excellent preparation for Secondary School.  The students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and have ample opportunity to discover their leadership potential.

Our students are well received and valued in the best independent and state secondary schools.