Ficino Preschool – Young Minds Matter

Thursday, 4 February 2021

When we think of the important journeys that we take in life, there is a growing understanding that these start from the moment we are born and continue throughout our lives. Parents of young children will have witnessed just how much, and how quickly, they grow, change and learn.  Much research has gone into the […]

Ficino School – Foundations for Life

Ficino School provides a philosophically inspired private school education for boys and girls from Preschool to Year 8. Children who come to Ficino develop confidence, a love of learning and a strong sense of self, while growing their innate ability to care for others.  Our programme is based on three key platforms. Academic excellence Our […]

Ficino Preschool ‘Ages and Stages’

Children go through noticeable periods of development as they grow – “Ages and Stages” is a term used to describe these developmental events.  Thinking is divided on how many stages we all go through as we grow from babies to young adults, but there is a shared understanding that there is significant development happening across […]

Ficino Preschool’s Covid Response

2020 will be remembered variously around the world as a surreal, scary or safe time, depending on your perspective.  In Aotearoa, it will be remembered as a time when life as we knew it stopped.  When we went into lock down in our family bubbles.  When we learnt how to use technology to stay in […]

Auckland Level 3 Lockdown

Friday, 14 August 2020

Ficino School was able to implement their ‘Covid resurgence plan’ immediately following the government’s announcement that Auckland was moving to Level 3 at midday on Wednesday 12 August. Parents were advised to pick up learning packs for their children which provides them with appropriate tasks to complete in the interim. Further advice will follow the […]


Friday, 3 April 2020

Children’s well-being is connected to your well-being Helping children and young people cope with the changes means providing accurate information, discussing facts without causing undue alarm, and re-establishing routines. You are an important role model. Staying calm and enabling time and space to be together with children will help them adjust to this “new normal”. […]