Nobody can say it better than students and families who have experienced a Ficino School education.  This page explores feedback we have received over the years.

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  • “I really appreciate all the support from everyone at Ficino… Mia is so proud to be part of this family, so am I. A big thank you to Mrs. Crompton especially, she is always trying her best to support Mia and explain to me how we can work as a team to help Mia to improve and grow. Many parents told me I would see the changes of Mia in only a few weeks’ time and I have. It has been such an amazing experience for us. We are so glad to choose Ficino.”  
  • “A friend posed a question to Milan at mums 75th birthday celebrations – she was asked about the kind of things she learnt at school, she mentioned poetry and the ‘Life’ poem by Mother Theresa.  She was asked if she could recite it and in an instant she was on her feet reciting it in its entirety as learnt in Mrs Crompton’s class. She spoke with such clarity her voice loud and clear and performed with such fluidity and poise.  It was a powerful piece fitting for the occasion, it brought a few to tears.  Milan displayed such maturity it made us so proud. It truly is amazing that in the short time that Milan has attended Ficino we witness Milan’s character, personality, confidence and intellect develop day by day as she shares with us the new things she has learned.  Although we have thanked Mrs Crompton personally it is simply impossible to thank someone that selflessly goes above and beyond her role as a teacher.We would like to show our gratitude on this truly fine school.”
  • “Ficino has its exceptional character and warm atmosphere – like a family. We didn’t feel it at other schools.” 
  • “The entire framework of the school is just different and in my opinion truly amazing. I have seen my daughter grow and blossom. She is more confident and happy than she has ever been and is doing so well academically as well.” 
  • “The children have been able to get the best out of themselves and flourished at Ficino. The standard of teachers is exceptional.” 
  • “Ficino has a warmth and sincerity. All the benefits of a private education without the focus on wealth and entitlement.” 
  • “Having been advised that it usually takes most of a child’s first year to adjust and settle into high school, we are delighted to find Tamsin already well settled, enjoying school and new friends in the first term.We attribute much of this ease of transition to Tamsin’s time at Ficino School.  Ficino helped instill an inner self-belief and assurance based on sound values, good philosophy and good teachers.” 
  • “We appreciate the hard work and love of learning of the teachers, with the best subject examples and experiences given to the children.  It has been a pleasure to watch the children’s own excitement in realising the potential within themselves, particularly in the Shakespeare play.Thank you to all the staff and the leadership at the school, who helped our daughter to flourish in a safe environment.” 
  • “Those first 8 school years are very important and formative. With a good foundation they can gain enormously and get the qualities and self esteem to get the most out of high school and life beyond. For new parents considering Ficino we have no hesitation in recommending that the investment is worth it, the long term benefits are noticeable.” 
  • “Our son has relished the small school atmosphere of Ficino, and become more confident in all aspects of day to day life.” 
  • “The school of choice for those who care about education and want development of more than academic outcomes e.g. character, values, worldliness.”


  • “There are many things I valued at Ficino School, but 3 of them stand out.  We’ve all had close interaction with the teachers and gotten to know them well.  We have excelled on the whole. and I don’t just mean in academics.  I mean in patience, leadership, being considerate and many more.  Finally, Ficino has made us confident young adults and has completed us.”  Vishwas, Head Boy
  • “I came to Ficino in Year 6 and I’d like to talk about the individual attention you receive here.  You can ask questions and the teacher will answer clearly without trying to rush.  The teachers are generous in using their spare time to help you if you need help in improving your marks.”  Marta
  • “What this school has provided us all with is a thing I would like to call ‘aboveness’. Even though this may not be a proper word, I think its a good way to describe the schools attitude.  They encourage you to test your limits and go above them.  They do this be giving you work that you may think is above your ability.” Dougal

What are the best things about a Ficino education? Senior students

  • “A great sense of inclusiveness and friendship.”
  • “One of one attention – every student gets so much of this.”
  • “They can teach you in a way that you understand, and they encourage you lots.”
  • “Each student feels they have the ability and right to ask questions to a teacher or their classmates.”
  • “The friendships for life.”
  • “The senior syndicate teachers who are amazing and prepare you very well for high school.”
  • “The best thing is that students care for each other and we are able to rely on each other in times of need.”
  • “The bond between teacher and child.”
  • “The food they provided was healthy and delicious”