School community

Ficino School is proud of our strong, supportive and visionary community of parents, friends and supporters. There are many opportunities for parents to get involved in School life, through the organisations noted below, as well as sporting events, trips, plays etc. Parents’ feedback, observations, comments, suggestions and offers of help are always welcome.

Friends of Ficino

Friends of Ficino (the Friends) was established in 1997 to promote Ficino School, organise activities that bring the school family together, provide practical assistance in a number of areas in the School, and to assist with any fundraising projects.

In short the Friends are just that; friends to the School.  Everyone is welcome to participate. The Friends of Ficino Committee is made up of class co-ordinators and interested parents. Each year, the Committee organises several events aimed at raising funds for resources outside the current budget, and to foster friendship among supporters of the school.  The Committee communicates directly with parents throughout the year, and can be contacted through the School office.

Ficino School Development Committee

The Ficino School Development Committee (FSDC) coordinates fundraising efforts for Ficino School, acting as a liaison between official fundraising groups such as the Friends of Ficino, the Ficino Education Foundation and the Ficino School Board. The FSDC is chaired by Graham Soughtton, and includes the School Principal, staff, parents and volunteers from Ficino School’s founding body, the School of Philosophy, Auckland (Inc) which regularly supports the school. Parents are always welcome to contact the FSDC to offer ideas or assistance.

Contact – Please email Chair Graham Soughtton on or phone 09 522 6949.

Ficino Education Foundation

The Ficino Education Foundation is a registered charity which raises, holds and distributes funds on behalf of Ficino School. Its long term aim is to help make the Ficino School education available to a wider audience. The Foundation seeks to raise funds from the wider Auckland community to complement the fundraising efforts of the Friends and other parent groups.

It stages public events and activities and makes applications to registered charities who routinely distribute funds to the educational sector.  In the course of its activities, the Foundation also promotes the School and raises its visibility in the community.

Contact – Please email Chair Bruce Watson on or phone 09 575 5512.

Alumni programme

Past students and parents of Ficino School are invited to become a part of our Alumni programme.  Alumni have the opportunity to enjoy the wider community of other past students, parents, grandparents and friends whose association with the school strengthens and supports us into the future. Alumni receive regular updates, information and invitations to events and activities at Ficino School, such as the School’s milestone anniversaries.

Contact – Please email to join our programme.