2014 Music Competition Winners Announced

P1080022_cThe participants in the 2014 Music Competition again had their audiences captivated as each performer gave sincere and beautiful attention in the presentation of their music.  This year’s judges were Mrs Kate Sheffield, a former teacher of piano at Ficino School, and Mr Simon Laurent, an experienced choral singer and an enjoyer and player of many instruments.  Both judges gave valuable and encouraging feedback to the groups of performers and a recurrent theme in their comments was the importance of rhythm in all music.

Staff at Ficino School value greatly the commitment and patience of families in support of their children’s music learning.  The Music Competition Day is when we can all enjoy the achievements of the young musicians and see them shining in light of their focus and generosity in their playing.

The concert after the Nativity Play on Tuesday 2nd December is when parents also may see and hear many of the place-getters performing their pieces.

Placings for the 2014 Music Competition

Piano – Pre-Grade 1

Hana Ehsankya – Highly Commended
Brooke Chandler – Highly Commended
Lina Song – Highly Commended
Pearl Tucker – Highly Commended
Praewa Saguanwongse – Highly Commended
Sage Macdonald – Highly Commended

Instruments – Pre-Grade 1

Nicholas Clarke, Recorder – Highly Commended

Piano – Grade 1 & 2

Grace Hanna – First Place
William Wildash – Second Place
Cayla Huang – Third Place

Piano – Grade 3 & Above

Jamie Taylor – First Place
Sungyeon Han – Second Place
Tamsin Tighe-Umbers – Third Place

Instrument Groups

Rebekah Matthews & Hannah Jones, Violin – First Place
Nicholas and Sophie Clarke, Piano – Highly Commended
Phoebe Holdsworth, Charlie Alston, Jonathan Leather, Guitar – Highly Commended


Vishwas Iyer – Highly Commended

Instruments – Grade 1 & 2

Luc-Aime Meurillon – Harp and Flute First Place
Sage Macdonald – Violin Second Place
Thomas Tebbutt – Cello Third Place

Instruments – Grade 3 & Above

Riddhi Kavale – Tabla First Place
Susan Ahn – Violin Second Place Equal
Shreyal Patel – Violin Second Place Equal