Preschool vision, values and inspiration


Ficino School exists to provide philosophically inspired education that promotes excellence and strength of character. The Preschool is the beginning of this vision.


Truthfulness, respect, resilience, responsibility and obedience


Over the last decade parents have enquired whether there was a preschool whose philosophies aligned with Ficino School, having seen the benefits the primary school brought their older children. Ficino Preschool came into being after consultation with school stakeholders and the wider community to:

  • create a haven for children to grow in self-belief and confidence
  • provide a space in which curiosity can develop and imagination knows no bounds
  • build a place of belonging where reciprocal relationships can take root
  • offer new challenges and strengthen character through experience
  • teach strategies for thinking, inquiring, experimenting and reasoning
  • support children to serve their community and make positive contributions
  • help the children to learn to focus their attention and be responsible
  • encourage collaborative learning and socio-cultural exchanges
  • provide opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills
  • develop an awareness and understanding of the wider world
  • teach an empowering curriculum based on Te Whāriki (the national curriculum)
  • individually tailor support and guidance, and
  • teach the importance of good health and mindfulness.