About Ficino Preschool

Like Ficino School, Ficino Preschool’s holistic approach helps children to develop all aspects of their character and reach their full potential.

A young child is like a new bud in spring; at each stage in their development a new petal starts to unfurl, until, in the summer of their adult lives a miraculous bloom shows forth. Illustration_numbers and lettersWe recognise the delicacy of this process and seek to nourish your child with the finest resources available. Our philosophically inspired programme draws from Eastern, Western and Indigenous cultures. Stories and legends from these global traditions are shared with the children to expand their horizons. The intention is that the moral values of humanity become familiar to them and take root in their hearts.

Our educational philosophy is inspired by freedom. A life lived in freedom is unbound and full of potential. The Ficino motto of “Rejoice in the Present” reminds teachers and children to simply attend to what is in front of them. Self-awareness and mindfulness techniques like ‘the Pause’ provide welcome pockets of calm for young children in their stimulating day. We have daily mat time allocated to exercises that open the heart and mind such as participating in a gratitude practice, taking a silent sensory walk or practising inquiry techniques.

Ficino Preschool offers a non-denominational spiritual foundation for your child. We welcome children of all cultures, faiths and religions. Put simply, we teach the children to recognise what is good, true and unifying in themselves and others, regardless of culture or nationality.

Treating all others with care, respect and courtesy is part of everyday life at Ficino Preschool.

We believe in simplicity. The learning space has been designed to be welcoming, beautiful, ordered, and calming, thus allowing the children’s attention to focus on the individual or group activity chosen or presented. Within the different learning zones high quality equipment has been selected to stimulate the interests of the children and encourage independence. Our emphasis is on natural, real-life materials.