Ficino School Letter, Week 1, Term 2, 2019

The children have arrived back at school and brought the autumn sunshine with them.  We have a roll of 132 students this term and expect this to grow by 7 or 8 next term when we open our New Entrant classroom.

In our assembly on Tuesday morning, we remembered the ANZACs and learned how traditions such as ANZAC services bring a sense of unity and nationhood.  It was excellent to see Prince William, the Prime Minister and the Mayor at the civic service in the domain.  This provided an opportunity to explain to the children how lucky we are to live in a constitutional monarchy.  I referred back to an episode in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ which the children assured me many of you watched, in which Queen Elizabeth is being educated by the vice provost of Eton College in understanding her role as Monarch.  She is being taught that there are two important parts to government, the Dignified and the Active.  Queen Elizabeth is repeatedly reminded that her role is the Dignified, and this means she essentially does nothing; just watches, listens and acts as a reference point for the active role of parliament.  And what a fine model of dignity she has been. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato stresses the importance of functions of government being a reflection of the functions in an individual.  It is good to remember that in ourselves, there is the active and the dignified, and in the busyness of life the latter, the still watching self gets overshadowed by our active minds.  If our students can remember the dignity that is in themselves and all other human beings this will help bring unity and harmony to our nation.

Peter Crompton
Ficino School Principal



High Tea – Saturday 4th May
Don’t forget the Friends of Ficino’s Sci-Fi themed High Tea “May the Fourth be With You” is on tomorrow!



Yr 5 Cue Haven – Tue 7 May
Year Five students will be visiting Cue Haven next week.