Ficino School’s annual Athletics Day

It was fantastic the weather held after a number of rainy days so all Ficino School students could participate in their annual School Athletics Day in late March.  With the promise of the Easter weekend imminent, and maybe a visit from a special bunny delivering lots of chocolatey goodness, it was important for students to have the opportunity to stretch their legs at Mt Smart Stadium.

Thankfully the weather held, and we saw some great opportunities for the children to participate and compete in a variety of activities, using the skills and techniques they have been developing at school.

From the not-so-traditional hula hooping, 3-legged races, sack races and skipping, it was a very positive experience to see our junior students engaging in team work, cooperation and communication with each other.  And of course, a little bit of competitive spirit to make things exciting!

Our senior students greatly enjoyed competing in events such as discus throwing and shot putting.  It is interesting to see their single-minded focus and determination in activities outside of the classroom.

Long jump and high jump saw some students literally flying!  Many benefited from their school mates support and the opportunity to test their ‘wings’ out.  A number of long-standing records were broken this year which just reinforces the students’ determination to succeed.

Children of all ages participated in various track races, with the Parent/Teacher Novelty Races again being a firm favorite of the day.  The School very much appreciates the community spirit of those parents prepared to step up to the starting gun!  A big thank you also goes out to those who could spare some time to help in the clean-up of what is such a popular school event.

Athletics Days provide our students with so many opportunities to further grow themselves.  Things like resilience, patience, courage, teams-man-ship and determination are very much highlighted at this enjoyable day.  It provides teachers and parents with a perfect opportunity to see these values in an environment removed from the classroom.